Wednesday, October 3, 2012

bummed but greatful

  I am so bummed out we are supposed to be going camping this weekend at the Kern river with my auntie Debbie and family, we were looking forward to it i even had a rent a car reserved. Now I know we will not be able to make it. Chris has to .....well he "GETS" to work, the job is coming to an end real quickly and it would be foolish to not stay and work.

   I did find out though that October is free for kids almost anywhere you want to go in San Diego. zoo, safari park, sea world, Lego land, museums, restaurants. Cj's birthday is this month he wants to go riding his dirt bike some where but maybe well have to do Lego land because that's one thing we have yet to do as southern Cali residents :) I want to have a birthday party for him but we live so far away, we will see I already planned Cody's birthday event only because his bday falls on thanksgiving this year, so we are going to cook here and invited anyone that will come I think i actually sent 52 invites on face book and i bet you it will only be us and of course my lil' sister and Matt. and possibly my lil' bro and heather. which will be awesome to all be together with all of our spouses :)

      Can you even believe that some people had the nerve to say they were mad at me for inviting other people.   UM NO    . Its the holiday season and my sons birthday everyone that wants to come and spend quality time as a family with the family is more then welcome my house is full of love and positive vibes. No negative allowed so if your having a tiff with someone and they just so happen to want to be involved in our family occasion. I do expect that you respect the situation and hope you realize that it takes so much more effort to be mad, resentful, angry, or negative then to love, be happy, and be positive. I do understand that some wounds are deep and somethings are unforgivable the way you see it.  I can defiantly relate to having those feelings.

      The plain and simple facts are that you only live 1 time , you only have one life. Misery loves company, negativity is EASIER than positivity.  I hope you chose to be pleasant and positive don't let negativity prevent you from being involved with people you love, I love you that's why your invited :)          


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  1. Some people got mad at you for who you invited to YOUR event at YOUR home? Oh my goodness! Some people need to learn some basic manners and CLASS.