Monday, September 17, 2012

birthday was awesome

   Our weekend was awesome, We went up north for Rylees birthday party, hes already 15 wow I cant even believe how time flies. He is taller then me and I'm not short :) Im glad he liked his birthday prize I found him. I  like finding something cool and unique for the person on their birthday rather then giving money, I mean you cant beat money in a card because after adding it all up you can buy what you want but I think its cool to get something you think is awesome and everytime you look at it you think of the person who picked it out for you. :) You can't always find something that just stands out for the person most the time I dont know what Im looking for I just go looking, Ill know it when I see it :).

  I even got to see Tawni and nick what an awesome surprise, she reminds me so much of her mommy :) it made me smile,  We are way excited and planning on going to the kern river tip in just a few weeks :)

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