Wednesday, October 31, 2012

like father like son lmao

so here is the story . When my oldest son was 2 years old he was batman for Halloween we took him from house to house tick or treating  after he said tick or treat most of them would say oh who do we have "batman"? he would take off his mask each time and say "no its just me...cj" lol...
now cj is 9 yeas old. We just went to the halloween carnival and im tigger , and my husband  is fred flinstone. well we are standing there and someone comes up and says hi she leans over and says ...."and you would be"?....... lmao he says " name is chris" lmao i was laughing she says "I know who you are lol  who are you dressed as haaaaaa haaaaa i had to tell her the story lol... then my dogs are scarring people so i had to come home cause im not keeping them in my house all alone.....its more like the trick o treaters wee scaring them lol.....scooby and milo were chasing my tail around the house :)                                           HAPPY HALLOWEEN STAY SAFE EVERY ONE DONT DRINK AND DRIVE

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